Meet Dr. Deborah Khoshaba


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Dr. Deborah Khoshaba

Deborah has been the Director of Program Development and Training for the Hardiness Institute since 1989. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in the area of Health Psychology. Over her twenty-five year career, she has additionally done private practice psychotherapy, taught graduate students in psychology at Pepperdine University and undergraduate students at the University of California at Irvine. Also, Deborah is author of many articles in psychology, and is second author of Resilience at Work, How to Succeed, No Matter What Life Throws at You, Amacom Press, 2005 and first author of the HardiTraining Workbook and materials.

More recently, Deborah has become one of four leading cast members of the Television Pilot Shrink Rap (2012), by On Purpose Productions LLC (


Dr. Deborah founded Psychology in Everyday Life during the Summer 2011.