Dr. Deborah’s Words of Wisdom

Hello friends, you remind me from time-to-time of things I have said that really stuck with you. I’ll be listing some of them here, for you. Enjoy! Dr. Deborah

  1. The only lie that makes a difference is the one that you discover within yourself.
  2. Lovers become the caretakers of your heart. Make sure who you choose has a talent for this role.
  3. Failures are like gardens, when tended to properly, they produce great beauty.
  4. Tackle your life purpose, like you would a great plate of food. Dig in, until there’s nothing left to discover.
  5. Silence the mind, to wake your heart. Wake the heart, to stir your imagination.
  6. Silence is the greatest teacher, if you have the courage to listen.
  7. Difficult lovers & friends are springboards to your development. Treat them as such; jump forward!
  8. On love. Talk less about it, act more with it, to bring more love into your life.
  9. Kindness is simple, but can lead to extraordinary things.
  10. Treat finding a soul mate, like shopping for a well-made pair of shoes, so that they look and feel good on you, are of high quality, and serve you well for years to come.
  11. Hate is directed to something outside of you that exists only in your mind.  Silence the enemy within.
  12. Furnish your personality with the same quality and taste that you would decorate your home. After all, it is you who has to live there.
  13. Fill yourself up with achievements, and you’ll know success. Empty yourself of achievements, and you’ll know the purpose of being. True being is a vessel with one intention alone ~~ to give and to receive love.
  14. Live life, do not chase after it. There’s no prize to win other than the joy of having lived.
  15. Being is like the sun; it is in need of nothing other than its true purpose ~~ to give warmth to everything it reaches.
  16. Do not waste your time competing against the achievements of others. There’s no one there to compete with, other than the person whom you’ve elevated in your mind.
  17. Wisdom is in life’s detours. Honor them.
  18. Rejection is like a knife. You can use it to separate who YOU are from the hurtful situation and move on your way. Or, you can let it wound and destroy you. Which one is it, for you?
  19. Experience is the food of life, but, YOU are the cook. To grow, you have to put experience together into meanings that help you to realize your life purpose. Without you, experience is wasted. How good of a Chef are you, with your life?
  20. Sorry without change is like a band-aid. It may cover up the wound, but does little to treat the infection that may be growing below. Make the change. Your relationship will be deepen and grow for the better.
  21. Authentic being is a demanding lover; she takes the lead and is second to no person or thing, especially the ego. Who is in charge of you? Who decides what is emotionally and spiritually good for you? Is it the true self, the part of you that senses what you need to thrive psychologically and spiritually? Or is it the ego; the part of you that nurtures instincts and desires, whether or not they benefit being? Whatever you do CHOOSE, so at least you know you have decided and take responsibility for the outcome of this life path.
  22. Defenses are like military armor suitable only for conflict and doing battle. Sadly, some people can’t tell the difference when the war is over.
  23. Emotional defenses to the personality are like tables, chairs, and anything else that toddlers hold on to when they are learning to walk. Use them temporarily when you know no other way of dealing with threat. But, if you wish to do more than stumble and fall through life, you need to learn to stand on your own without pretense and emotional maneuvers that stop you living and loving fully.
  24. You would not climb a mountain without first gauging the difficulty of a climb, right? So why do you ignore the rough emotional edges and limitations of another human being? Meet people where they are at, emotionally. The relationship will become more enjoyable to both of you, no matter your differences.

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