Don’t Let Another Year Go By Without Getting What You Want!

Very few persons, comparatively, know how to Desire with sufficient intensity. They do not know what it is to feel and manifest that intense, eager, longing, craving, insistent, demanding, ravenous Desire which is akin to the persistent, insistent, ardent, overwhelming desire of the drowning man for a breath of air; of the shipwrecked or desert-lost man for a drink of water; of the famished man for bread and meat. —Robert Collier

Starting a New Year is often done with great anticipation and hope as well as those thoughts that tell us that nothing is really going to be different from the previous year.  We start the year with hope, but it fades quickly, because we do not know how to structure hope into realizable plans and goals.

Hope is not simply the substance or focus of the religious or the sales pitch of politicians, it is a motivational striving that deeply affects personal growth and psychological well being. When the deep needs and desires of hope are not met, we get depressed, treat others poorly, lose our passion for life, blame other people and God and psychological well being is diminished.  Then, our hope fades into regret and into a life of grey.

Dying Without Getting It!

Thus, hope is not simply an undefined state of possibility or positive emotion, it is a possibility waiting to be realized or it will evaporate, quickly. Most of us are aware of deep, personal longings that are lurking in the corners of our minds. They are those desires and needs that reflect the bottom line; they say, “I’m not willing to die without first having, getting, experiencing, knowing, seeing, feeling…….!

Bring those desires into your awareness, for just a moment. Some of you will realize them through the plans and goals that you set for yourselves. But, for others of you, those longings will lurk for a lifetime, in the hidden corners of your mind, as you may not have the courage to bring them out into the full light of day. You may send them back to die a slow death, once you realize that these longings may change the status quo, somehow.

No matter how you try to deny these longings, they do exist. You were meant to realize what you want, just like any other person. But, some of you have baggage from the past that stops you from doing this.

Take a moment to reflect upon the following beliefs that may be stopping you from realizing your dreams.

  1. I don’t deserve to experience them.
  2. I don’t have the courage to really stand up and say this is what I want and will not settle for anything else!
  3. I don’t believe I have the ability to accomplish or experience__________(name it).
  4. I will never have the means to___________.
  5. Why long for what I cannot have; so many of the things that I have desired and longed for have never materialized, so why identify the deepest, strongest most Passionate longings if the more mundane are left unfulfilled!
  6. Other: _____________________________________________________________________

This is What I Want!

Have you ever in the quietness of early morning, the exhilaration of a sunset or sunrise on a mountaintop, the tears at the loss of a friend, spouse, child, or parent, the joy of a wedding or birth of a child, the early days of a new romance, the closing of an incredible deal, the end of a long emotional/spiritual journey, just shouted out inside,

 This is what I want! This is what I long for! This is what I am not willing to die without!”

You have to admit that these bottom-line, personal longings do exist, for YOU, to start to realize them. Let these desires come fully into your awareness, by starting to admit that they are there. Take a moment to affirm that:

  1. I am a person whose soul was Designed and built with deep personal desires, needs, and longings.
  2. I am willing to identify with the desires that stir inside of me.
  3. I will do more than just browse my longings, like shoppers who see what they want but have no courage to buy.
  4. Other: __________________________________________________________________

Thus, when it comes to personal longings, the only thing that you should ever fear is that you never question their nature at all. Don’t come up against a time when it’s no longer possible to to do or to be. I know that I don’t want to end with such regret. End instead, like my client, Ellie M.,  a woman who weighed over 600 pounds. Ellie faced her longing to lose weight. She affirmed that she was not willing to die without first losing weight. Over the course of five years, Ellie dropped 400 pounds and became a motivational speaker, helping hundreds of people to live out their personal longings. There is also, my client, Dave B.,  a Microsoft executive who had the courage to leave a well-paying job to do what he most desired and best expressed his talents. Because Dave dared to walk into the unknown, today, he is a very successful advertising executive, marketing one of Microsoft’s most profitable products.

There are many examples of people whose lives are happier, more powerful, and filled with greater passion, because they chose to realize the personal desires that best expressed their true intelligence, strengths, and talents. What about you?

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Meet Mark R Demos, M.A., C-LSI, PFP, the creative mind behind Life Scene Investigation and Positive Forensics; an innovative approach to helping people to discover their purpose through their talents, capabilities, and strengths. His company Corp-DNA has developed Talent at some of the world’s greatest companies that include Microsoft, NFL, IBM, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Keller-Williams, Jaguar, Boeing, Stoddard-Hamilton, Pro Sports Club, Weyerhaeuser, Safeco, Trans World Publishing, Credit Suisse, and Barclays Bank and educational institutions, non-profits, sports teams, and religious institutions. Also, Mark’s Edu-DNA and Life Scene Investigations programs are in over 40 schools, mental health agencies, juvenile justice programs, all helping individuals discover their greatest talents and live with greater direction and purpose. Mark’s book, “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” is being released in December 2012. The book has been endorsed by some of the world’s greatest minds,, including Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, the late Dr Christopher Peterson and of course Dr. Deborah Khoshaba.

4 Responses to “Don’t Let Another Year Go By Without Getting What You Want!”

  1. مساء الخير نورتو

  2. avatar Bestoon Jaff says:

    What a great article (advice)! I will try to apply it on my own to see how far I can go with my life-long hidden desires…

    Thanks and regards

    • avatar Dr. Deborah Khoshaba says:

      Hello Jaff, thank you. Yes, I always hope that people will try to use the advice on their own. There is a psychologist in all of us that is meant to help us. I am looking forward to hearing how you are doing in making your dreams come true. Thank you for commenting today Jaff. Warmly Deborah.


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