Depression: Circumstance, Your Health Habits, or Both?

Biology affects how you feel and behave. Medications and certain food and drink can bring about a depressed state or worsen one that is already there. Your biology is in an overly acidic condition in states of depression. This is true no matter if your depression started through circumstance, a biological illness, medication, or food and drink habits. In fact, the more overly acidic your body fluids become, the more a downward turn in symptoms you will have physically, mentally and emotionally. Fatigue, slowed reaction time, mental fog, reduced or labored breathing, sadness and depression, irritability and anger and a general lack of enthusiasm for life will be your symptom picture.
Whenever patients come to me with complaints of depression, I consider all areas of their living habits. I’m a psychologist, so people’s mental health is my first concern. But, I know I’ll be much more successful, if I know all areas of their living that is getting in the way of their feeling better.
Through the years, I’ve found that when people are depressed they gravitate to habits that actually worsen their depression, like over use of alcohol, prescription medications, and foods and drink that turn their biology too acidic. I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. High fat, sugary comfort-type foods over acidify your body, as do many prescription medications and alcohol. The health industry has made a lot of money on our bad health habits. Sport and Vitamin waters are selling like wild fire today. And, the coconut? It has never enjoyed the limelight as it does today in most health and grocery stores. Most of these drinks have properties that can re-alkalize the body system.  
I’m sure you all know a person, if not you, who started to take antacids during an especially tumultuous time in his life. High arousal of our nervous system caused by stressful circumstances can acidify our bodies. But, it may be the food and drink we favor at such times that actually does us in physically, mentally, and emotionally.
What’s your or a loved one’s experience here? I’d love to know your thoughts.


3 Responses to “Depression: Circumstance, Your Health Habits, or Both?”

  1. avatar Rhonda says:

    I'm assuming this goes for someone who has anxiety attacks? This is all very good information. I find that doing a lot of cardio exercise also helps to keep one in a happy state of mind.

  2. Hi Rhonda, great question. Actually, anxiety attacks can come about or be worsened by an over alkalized state. Too much alkalinity in the body fluids bring about more hyper symptoms like agitation, worry, anxiety and at the extreme panic. You can over alkalize a body by not eating enough protein and grains, nuts and beans and other foods that are acid producing. The thing to remember with the acid-alkali balance in body fluids is balance. Body fluid pH should be between 6.8 and 7.4. When it gets below 6.8, your body fluids become too alkali and beyond 7.4, the body is becoming too acidic. In either condition, symptoms occur. It is better to be more alkali than more acid.Eating foods balanced in all of the food nutrients and limiting high fat and sugar goes a long way to striking a good acid/alkali balance. And, as you rightly mention, exercise does a lot to keeping a good perspective on things and a happy mind. Thanks Rhonda!Do you follow me? I'd appreciate it much.

  3. One more thing. Anxiety, like depression sources are complex. Sometimes anxiety can come about through eating insufficient amounts of food and having too much time go by between meal times. The body is so adaptive, it will do what it needs to do to energize the body and mind, even if we don't feed it. The body is oriented to helping us to respond to threat so that we survive. So, it will shoot off energizing chemicals to keep the mind and body going, even if a person isn't feeding it. Adrenaline and stored sugar gets dumped into the body at such times. This is often a source a anxiety and panic.


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