Open up for Change: Sense what you need to grow and do it.

Sometimes it takes a knock on the head to alert us to a needed change in our life that will help us to grow personally and professionally. This knock can be positive, as in a new job offer or the possibility of a new romance, or negative, as in divorce, job loss, or some other tough circumstance. Whatever it is that surprises or throws you for a loop, something must change to expand your range of experience so that you are learning and moving along on your journey in a timely and positive fashion.

Think of your life like energy that you must harness, navigate and control to unfold physically, psychologically and spiritually. You and I are like any other living organism on this planet. We start from a seed and need certain influences to help us to grow and mature and to bring a satisfying close to our existence. In this energetic process of becoming, we need to direct ourselves purposefully. I like to think of the energy that I use to create and unfold my life, like that of a dam. We are constantly in a process of stabilizing, building and opening up to regenerate ourselves in the midst of many forces, many of which are outside of our control.

To regenerate yourself, you must open yourself to energies that are coming to you for change and growth to happen. You have to open your flood gates, so to speak to do this. If you deny the pressure that is saying something has to change to keep you moving forward, the knocks have to be larger to wake you up to needed change. And, large knocks are hard and usually negative.  They may take the form of conflicted relationships or some loss in assets or health or other personal disappointments. “Come on, wake up, do something to give me release and move me forward once again,” these knocks are saying to you, in the events that come along.

Now, I’m not saying that you brought about these more negative changes. I’m saying rather that when a negative situation indicates that a change may be necessary for you to get beyond it, heed the call seriously. You can better sense when it may be time to change something in your life, by paying attention to your energy (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). If you have nothing else to learn in a situation, you will feel depleted of energy, and thus, stuck. You may have learned whatever it was that you were meant to understand on this leg of your personal journey. Open yourself to the vast energies within and outside of you. Let information come to you that will help you to know which direction to follow.

Dream Yourself Into Being

The Mayans believe that you dream yourself into existence by realizing the goals of a vision that you have set for yourself. In life, you are most energized, when you are in the process of fulfilling the goals of this vision. When there’s nothing left to learn, they say, you have exhausted the dream.  Then, once again, you have to dream yourself into a new expression of your vision, to keep moving forward and growing. This is the way of being.

Thus, you have to know when it’s time to make a life change, so that you can expand your learning and move closer to realizing your life purpose. I just love this wisdom. And, who would know better than the master Dream Weavers, the Mayans, about the process of realizing ourselves through our dreams.

Have You Exhausted A Dream?

Have you exhausted a professional or personal dream? Have you learned everything that you need to know to grow psychologically and spiritually? Ask yourself the three questions that follow. They will help you to know if, perhaps, you have exhausted a particular learning experience in your life and if it is time to start a new life chapter.

  1. Is there more to learn from a relationship, job, or other situation that you are in right now? If your answer is no, it may be time to let go of this experience. For example, in my life, I did not always heed the call to let go of a relationship when it did little to grow me emotionally and spiritually. This is such a hard knock to hear, because we value keeping our friendships through thick and thin, even when the dream a friend may be living out stifles, or even worse undermines our growth. Guilt is what keeps us stuck here. To grow as we were meant to do, we must value the people who come our way for only part of our journey as well as those who are meant to stay. Love and cherish everything you learn from them, good and bad. They are all messengers—but not everyone is meant to come along on our journey for the whole way. And, this applies to you as well. Try to understand when a friend or lover says goodbye to you. Perhaps, you were only meant to share in part of her life journey.
  2. Do you feel depleted, unmotivated or unstable in some particular relationship, job, or circumstance? What is this lack of energy all about? You are like a dam. When your energy gets stuck or something you are doing no longer bears fruit, your body shows this in fatigue, instability, and perhaps illness symptoms. Become mindful of people, experiences and activities that energize you and make you feel positive and motivated once again. This is where you should go.
  3. Do you think a lot about the past, finding it hard to focus on the moment and your future? If you are reflecting upon the past much more than your future, you are most likely stuck in some part of your life. It may be time to bring a new experience into your life to stay in the moment and get going once again.

You are forever in a process of moving toward some complete ideal version of the life that you envision for yourself. Thus far, if you plotted out the stages of your life, you’d see that it has generally unfolded according to your dreams, give and take the detours along the way. When you exhaust one dream, you start to unfold another. And, each of these are aimed at some complete idea of who you are and what you want to accomplish in this life.

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6 Responses to “Open up for Change: Sense what you need to grow and do it.”

  1. avatar Saad Bin Mushir says:

    Thnks Dr.Deborah.I got your post at that time,which I needed so much.I think it shall be easy to go through the critical point of my life.

    • avatar Dr. Deborah Khoshaba says:

      Hello Saad, I’m glad the message reached your mind and heart at a time in need. I have had many changes in my own life and although it’s hard to see the light at first, there is light and fulfillment ahead. Warmly Deborah.

  2. avatar Habib says:

    Thanks for a very educative and inspiring article.

    • avatar Dr. Deborah Khoshaba says:

      Hello Habib, you are very welcome. I know first-hand that change can grow us and lead us to greater fulfillment, even though change can be very uncomfortable. Warm regards to you. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Warmly Deborah.

  3. avatar hanifullah says:

    hy deborah,and thanks for sharing your precious words.Now that i have read your post,i came to know how to over come on exausting moment of life.however still one annoying thing is that how could one focus on the goal?
    I tries my best but still i think i am unable as i am unable to concentrate on what i want to do.
    Thanks once again.


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