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Meet Dr. Deborah: The Founder of Psychology in Everyday Life. She has a gift for you.







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  1. Hello Dr. Deborah Khoshaba!! My name is Randy L. Manley. I reside in a small town, just 40 east of Cleveland, Ohio. I am a 7 year U.S. Navy veteran of our armed forces. First and foremost, I just want to let you know that I love you soo dearly and I am soo glad that I met you here on the internet and your site!! I have been suffering with (G.A.D) now for the past 12 years and now have recently been diagnosed with P.T.S.D; which after reading some of your latest blogs, I know believe seriously, that it is “C-P.T.S.D” because all of your listed chronic effects fit me right to a “T”. I am a very strong, mental and physical individual, but do struggle on a daily basis with my emotional side. Recently, I have taken much action to make more positive changes in my life and cut-out all of the extreme “Negativity” that I have been associated and surrounded by for many years now, which have taken a dramatic toll on my body; (Physically, emotionally and mentally). I am finally discovering that everything you said in your recent blog is exactly what I need to do in order to take back control of my life once again!! For the past several years, I have lived an isolated life of peace and quiet in order to help and it certainly does! Now-a-days, I have recently started changing my diet and eating habits as well and decided that it was high time that I started eating alot better than what I have been!! On some of the good side of things, once again…you are so right! I am a very highly intelligent person who is currently pursing an A.A.S in Criminal Justice and I absolutely love all of the “Liberal Arts” subjects such as: Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology!! I find all of them subjects very facinating to me these days…along with “Politics” as well. My other main problems is confidence in the “love and relationship” department, which my disorder has hindered me for years and years now in finding a significant other to learn enough about me and get to know me enough to want to be with me in a ltr!! What suggestions can you give to me in this area that would be the best to help me finally, mentally get over this ordeal?…I’ve been thinking lately of joining a social support group in a local church to help with this!! What do you think? Would this be a very good idea and can help me severly get over some of my conditions? I am now, and have been seeking extensive therapy with a registered psychiatrist through the V.A. and am on special medicines for my depression, G.A.D and P.T.S.D…which now be “C-P.T.S.D”. It is helping me out tremendously, but now I’d like to find a much better social life for myself and get back to dating once again with the female genders. What advice can you give me concerning this? I am very interested in hearing your reply on this a.s.a.p!! I am a very good-hearted, loving man, but I just need to be directed in the right direction in some other areas of my life. Can you offer your professional help and assistance to me in order to better help my life and condition, so that I can get my life back to a much better calm, serene and happy life? Let me know at your earliest convienience possible! Thank You, God Bless you and I love you and am so glad I met you!!…. Sincerely, Randy L. Manley….ttys!!!….<3 <3 <3….

    • avatar Dr. Deborah Khoshaba says:

      Hello Randy, first, thank you so much for letting me know how useful my articles have been to you. You know there is nothing else that makes me more pleased than to give you and others what they need to fulfill the life they have imagined for themselves.

      Also, thank you for your service to our country Randy. You raise a very interesting situation here that I imagine is quite common. Simple PTSD from combat can be on top of C-PTSD and that a Generalized Anxiety Disorder is often diagnosed with both forms of PTSD because of the anxiety that is pervasive in PTSD disorders. You are right to think that your PTSD may have been imposed on C-PTSD because of childhood stress. But, most importantly, I know by what you say and your diagnoses that you have had a very challenging time of it. I’m sure you intelligence, talent, and will has helped you to do all that you can to have a positive, good life in spite of it all.

      Wow, all that you are doing is so positive for anyone, especially a person who has C-PTSD. Choosing to develop yourself further through studying the liberal arts is absolutely the best thing that you could be doing for yourself. Not just because you are learning about studies on human development but because you intuitively knew that learning something new that uplifted you, opened you up to a range of new experiences that had the possibility of changing your life is very resilient! You are what we call in psychology a hardy personality. See my other work at and also there are some articles on my site here on personality hardiness by its founder Dr. Salvatore R. Maddi and me. Everything you say here shows me what a strong inner spirit you have guiding you. What a blessing, Randy.

      Randy, I’m happy to share what I can to help you to open up new experiences that will bring true love to you. You deserve to find your soul mate in life. Your idea about joining a social support group at a local church is good, as it opens up a new experience with new, like-minded people whom may know good people who are also looking for love. Again, this is a sign of your natural resilience. You are thinking about this absolutely right. But, I would also add Randy trying to find causes or other activities that really interest you. I have found in life that if you follow your true passion love will be there. So, if you have a love for the protection of animals, for example, there are many groups in your community, I suspect, that may have meetings or other activities in which you can help but at the same time open yourself up to meeting new people. Whatever activity really interests you is a way to start thinking about this. And, because you’d also like to meet new people (of the female persuasion) make sure the activity can also do this for you.

      I have known many friends, family, and patients who have done dating services, like and The reviews are very mixed here. I don’t know if you have tried this, but you have to be cautious on such sites, as there are some people who say they want true love and an authentic person, when indeed they really don’t. I like to think this is more because they don’t know themselves than actually right-out lying. I think if you do choose a dating online service, be cautiously optimistic.

      I will think more about this for you. But, just let me say again, Randy, you are a wonderful example of what I say in my post on C-PTSD. You are working with this disorder, living more gently through good nutrition, uplifting pursuits, and getting the professional help you need to strengthen your biology. I hope you don’t mind me saying that I’m very proud of you. But, I am. You are a fine example of something I always say: Only you can decide on how much a disadvantage, loss, or other hardship can take a way from you.

      God bless you Randy and I am so glad that I have met you. Warmly, your friend, Deborah.


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